Fun Facts

  • Both Kim and Gahr have made Pro Am beers for other commercial breweries. Gahr brewed Andhrímnir Barley Wine for Nøgne Ø in 2009 and Kim brewed Black Cat Rye Pale Ale for Lervig in 2013.
  • ABC Brewing use Chinook in all their brews
  • Their first commercial brew, Henrik Imperial Amber, was brewed at Lervig Aktiebryggeri February 23rd 2012
  • The code name for Henrik Imperial Amber was Eyeball Imperial Amber during the first brew session
  • The name ABC Brewing comes from both brewers’ home breweries – Andrimne and Black Cat. ABC for short.
  • As most respectable brewers Kim and Gahr both have facial hair
  • Both brewers use several pieces of brewing equipment from Blichmann Engineering
  • Lervig Winter Ale (2012) uses the same grist as Henrik Imperial Amber from Andrimne/Black Cat Brewing
  • Both Kim and Gahr are addicted to coffee
  • Both Gahr and Kim have had their names butchered on beer radio (The Brewing Network and Basic Brewing, respectively)

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