ABC goes to Kinn

It’s official – in January 2013 we’re heading north to brew with Espen Lothe at Kinn Bryggeri in Florø. We’re very exited to be dipping our chocolate in Kinn’s peanut butter, so to speak. This time we’re leaving the focus on hops behind and will be brewing up an old school dry oatmeal stout for the 20th anniversary of Henrik Øl & Vinstove.

Staying true to tradition
Loads of roast and flaked products and an open fermentation is going to take you away to the feeling of an old British pub. Black as night and smooth as only oatmeal stout can be. Celebrating Henrik Øl & Vinstove in a fashion only a dry stout can. We could think of no better brew to honor the first 20 years of this fine pub.

Look for this beer at Henrik Øl & Vinstove in early 2013.

3 thoughts on “ABC goes to Kinn

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