ABC at Bergen Ølfestival

Andrimne/Black Cat Brewing will be attending this years Bergen Ølfestival along side the big boys from Lervig, Nøgne Ø and Kinn to name a few.  Gahr Smith-Gahrsen will host a seminar where the famous India Pale Ale and it’s history will be in the spot light. The seminar will be conducted Friday at 18:00 and entrance is covered by the festival ticket.

The festival
Bergen Ølfestival (Bergen Beer Festival) is the first festival focusing on craft beer and beer culture. We want to show you that beer is so much more than just “a pint”. We want to give the audience new experiences with beer and food, in taste as well as knowledge. We want more people to be familiar with the wonderful world of beer and the ones brewing it in Norway. This year’s festival theme will be “time”: beer history, the new wave of microbreweries, brewing in historic times and now, the future of beer, etc.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri will be there

Bergen Ølfestival will be arranged paralell to Bergen Matfestival (Bergen Food Festival) on the 07th and 08th of September on Bryggen in Bergen. Combined, this will provide a splendid setting for showcasing quality beers, brewing craft and beer culture in beautiful and historic surroundings, where you also can taste local food along the way. The festival will be located in the area around Bryggen Tracteursted in the “backyard” of Bryggen (Bryggestredet), entrance from Nikolaikirkealmenningen. The food festival, on the other hand, will have their stands on the front side of Bryggen so everything is closely located.

Entrance to the festival is free and the area is open to anyone. Opening hours will be 12.00 to 20.00 on both days. At the festival, you can meet and get to know the people behind Norway’s most exciting breweries, and taste their beers. You can also learn about homebrewing, attend lectures on beer and beer history, get information on where to get the best best beer in Bergen, and meet fellow beer enthusiasts.

Beer samples will be provided in exchange for festival tokens. Tokens will be for sale at the festival in packs of 5, where the first pack purchased will include a 4 tokens and a tasting glass, which must be used for pouring samples. To buy tokens and get served alcohol, you must be 18 years or older and all alcoholic products must be consumed inside the festival area.

This will be a unique chance to experience the cream of Norwegian quality beer at once, so make room in your calendar – it’s time for great beer!”

(Copy pasted from the Bergen Ølfestival site)

Say hi
Swing by the seminar and say hi. We would love to meet you and talk about our favorite subjects – brewing and beer.

Oh – and where will Kim be? He’s stuck at home knee deep in dirty diapers and pacifiers.

Have a lovely festival.

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