The test batch for Henrik Supermax Lager is ready

A few weeks ago the test batch for our second beer was brewed. This time it’s a light lager. But don’t let that fool you, there is nothing bland about this beer. The inspiration for this beer comes from two of the most important areas in the beer world; Bohemia and the U.S. west coast. Brewed in the style of a classic pilsener but with a serious amount of American hops, this beer should please both discerning beer geeks and less hardened beer drinkers alike. The beer is brewed exclusively for Henrik Øl og Vinstove in Bergen.

Smooth sailing
The brewing of the pilot batch was smooth sailing from the word go.  Using a stepped infusion mash intended to produce a crisp and smooth malt character, first wort hopping to adjust the bitterness and rather substantial amounts of citrusy American late hops in the kettle. The beer was also dry hopped with same hop varieties that were used in the kettle. Fermentation took place at 10 °C, and the dry hops where added at day 11, after fermentation had subsided. The beer was lagered at 2 °C and emerged crystal clear after just a few days of storage. A full four weeks of lagering gives the beer a velvety yet crisp texture despite the serious kick from the hops. It emerges at a strength of about 5 % ABV, with an original gravity of 1.049 and 40 IBUs.

Pilot brewing homebrew-style

So far, so good
The result: Well, when pouring, the aroma hits your nose before the beer touches the bottom of the glass. The sweet maltiness from the continental pilsner malt provides the perfect backbone for the pungent hops. While the name “Supermax” really comes from a standing joke between the brewers and Henrik Øl og Vinstove, it really says a lot about the beer. It’s a maxed-out light lager. And it’s rather super. We really can’t wait for the commercial version!

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