ABC at Mikkeller?

mikkeller3Yes, it is indeed correct. The smallest Norwegian brewery will be on tap at one of the best beer bars in the world! We’re really excited about getting no less than two of our beers on tap at Mikkeller Bar come mid August! The beers in question is the spanking new Hop Sanatorium IPA and the rebrew of Halvor IBA.

A dream come true
This really is a dream come true for both Gahr and Kim. Last summer, when Kim was at Mikkeller Bar he told his traveling buddies, or beer nerds, “Just you wait. Soon you’ll find beers from ABC here“.

And lo – here they are!

ABC brews going to Finland

HIAAlthough the brewers at ABC Brewing have been abroad to brew their beers, the beers have only been sold in Norway – until now. A couple of days ago 18 kegs of Henrik Imperial Amber were shipped to the Land of a Thousand Lakes – Finland.

Good importer
The Finnish importer, Pikkulintu Oy, is recognized as one of the best importers in Finland. Hopefully this will not be the last shipment of ABC beers making it’s way abroad. We are certainly open for more.


Going to Kinn

Firewood_StoutOur bags are packed and we are heading north to brew at Kinn. We are very exited about this opportunity to make a “traditional” sessionable Dry Oatmeal Stout Kinn Style; using a smooth top cropping English yeast and open fermentation. We can’t wait for the result.

And the name of the brew – ABC Brewing Firewood Stout. Look for this brew in the comming months. Velvety smooth and dark as night.

One beery weekend coming up!

logo_grønnThis weekend will be a nice one for us. We get to brew a test batch of stout, taste lots of beer and chat to fellow brewers. And the weekend starts early at that!

Busy beavers
Tonight, Thursday, we’ll be firing up Kim’s homebrew setup to concoct a new test batch of an American-style stout.

Tomorrow, Friday, Gahr will be judging in Lervig’s homebrew competition.

Friday afternoon we’ll be heading for Grimstad to meet up with the guys at Nøgne Ø and the lucky homebrewers who managed to get a ticket for their annual homebrew meeting on Saturday. Gahr will give a little talk at the brewery, and we expect to taste lots of great beer and meet lots of nice people.

What more could a cuckoo brewer ask for?

RIP Supermax Lager

Supermax Lager is dead – All hail West Coast Lager! Our overly hopped lager has changed its name to better fit the experience of the brew. Brimful of west coast hops – West Coast Lager. Simple and straight to the point. With this name change all our brews have had pilot names.

  • Henrik Imperial Amber was Eyeball Amber
  • Halvor IBA was Halvfulle Halvor
  • West Coast Lager was Supermax

New names
What will the name of our upcoming Dry Oatmeal Stout be? And what will the pilot name be? Stay tuned for more tales here at ABC.

Happy brewing!